3 Reasons to Finance Your new Kia Sportage

Are you interested in driving home a new 2018 Kia Sportage? Many car owners have loved the features and performance this car offers. You’ll love what it can do for too. If you’re not sure whether to lease a new Sportage or whether financing it would be a better option, it’s important to know the pros of getting a loan.  


Sell it When You Want 


Have you’ve ever purchased something, hoping it would meet your needs, but it ultimately failed to meet your expectations? This can be very disappointing. If you don’t end up enjoying your new car, and you want something else, you can’t do much about that if you’re leasing it. However, when you finance a car, you’re free to sell it anytime. You’re still responsible for ensuring the loan is paid off, but you want have the hassle of driving a car you don’t want. 


Rack up the Miles 


When you lease a vehicle, the dealer will restrict how many miles you can drive each month or year. You must pay a penalty if you exceed that mileage. But when you finance the car, you can drive it as little or as much as you want. This is good news if you like taking road trips with the family or if you have a long daily commute.  


Modify Your Car 


Leasing a vehicle doesn’t give you flexibility with designing your car the way you want. If you want to make some changes to the body or style, you’d better go with financing. When you get an auto loan, you can change the paint color, add larger wheels, get lifts, enhance the engine, or do whatever you’d like to fit your needs and preferences.  


You’ll love owning a Kia Sportage. When you finance it, you have some more freedom. Go to Kia North Bay and check out the selection today.