Best family cars from Kia – Which family-friendly features do you value the most?

It’s not always so easy to find a vehicle perfectly-fitted with all the features a busy family needs, especially for parents who drive around loved ones frequently.

In the hopes of making a more informed decision and investment, the first and foremost factors for consideration are safety, reliability and satisfaction, and no family car choice list is complete without vehicles from Kia Motors.

Offering the perfect blend of style and substance, here are some of Kia’s strikingly-balanced models equipped with all the family-oriented features and purpose-built practicality you’ll ever need.

Kia Grand Carnival (Sedona)

Look no further than Kia Grand Carnival, an ideal ultra-functional minivan that is perfectly tailored for on-the-road family adventures.

Boasting a modern, CUV-like design with a feature-rich interior, Kia Grand Carnival (also known as ‘Kia Sedona’ in some markets) was proudly named one of the “12 Best Family Cars” by Kelley Blue Book.

Earning the prestigious Top Safety Pick+ rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in the USA, the Grand Carnival offers supreme comfort and practical functionality, with generous storage capacity and legroom.

Being able to cater to any family’s needs, the Carnival offers captivating technology features such as Smart Power Liftgate, which automatically opens in mere seconds when the Smart key near the vehicle, and 360-degree camera monitoring system that gives a real-time overhead view of the vehicle’s surroundings.

Combined with its responsive and secure handling, the Grand Carnival strikes a pitch-perfect balance between sleekness and functionality, while meeting the needs and preferences of all occupants.

Kia Sportage

Also listed as one of the top 12 family cars for 2017 by Kelley Blue Book, Kia Sportage has proven itself to be a truly practical and affordable family car.

With its combination of responsive steering, supple ride and stable body control, the Sportage offers a more upscale ride with a uniquely dynamic and progressive design. This extensively refined compact SUV is also equipped with a controllable drive mode selector with options for normal, eco or sport drive mode, as well as added safety thanks to a rear-camera display system.

If your family is among the many camping enthusiasts and enjoys exploring the great outdoors, the Sportage is a perfect fit, with an impressive amount of cabin space that ensures comfort for all passengers. Not only is it exceptionally comfortable, this sporty versatile SUV makes long road trips more enjoyable, and is as capable offroad as it is on city streets.

Kia Soul

Kia’s signature compact crossover, Soul, caught the attention of experts at Parents magazine and Edmunds, being recognized as the best budget vehicle among the 10 best family cars for 2017.

Offering more than just unique styling at a reasonable price, this iconic boxy car outshone the competition with best-in-class cargo capacity, an eight-speaker audio system and Sirius XM satellite radio and Bluetooth connectivity.

Receiving another award from U.S. News & World Report as the Best Car for Families in 2017 for the second year in a row, Kia Soul counters the stereotype that the only family cars are minivans.

Bringing funky and youthful appeal to the traditional family wagon, one of the most notable features of the Soul is its dynamic but stable ride and surprisingly spacious, well-organized cabin. While also taking fuel economy into account, the Soul, with its fun-to-drive attitude, makes a great companion for families who are constantly on the go.

With a compelling blend of space, refinement, composed driving dynamics and low operating cost, Kia’s award-winning vehicles are, without a doubt, a great choice for families. The numerous awards for outstanding ergonomics and distinctive design are testimony to our constant efforts to create reliable and dynamic vehicles that keep all families connected on the road in comfort and with limited distraction!